Open Mobility Forum

Open Mobility Forum

Open Mobility Forum

The Open Mobility Forum is dedicated to explaining, demonstrating and discussing digital mobility innovations. Mobility innovators from global players, transport companies and mobility research, but also NGOs, start-ups and users are invited to co-create cutting-edge concepts for sustainable mobility. Simultaneously, InnoZ (Innovation Centre for Mobility and Societal Change) and WZB (Berlin Social Science Centre) analyse societal, political and economic key factors for the vision of a collaborative mobility world. This research aims at gaining a thourough understanding of how to make innovation processes more transparent and how to design new participation formats for user-centred mobility innovations. The OMF is embedded in the EUREF campus living lab on innovative mobility and energy concepts.

Field of Innovation

  • Mobility


  • Showroom  
  • User studies  
  • Business model development  
  • Stakeholder Networking  
  • Co-Design  
  • User testing and Evaluation  
  • Sustainability assessment  


Contact Name: Dr. Helga<br/>Jonuschat

EUREF-Campus 16
D-10829 Berlin

Reference project

Platform Mobility 4.0

Platform Mobility 4.0

The project "Platform Mobility 4.0" is funded by the mFUND of the German Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure. It aims at demonstrating and explaining current developments around "digital mobility" for central stakeholders and users in order to stimulate an open discussion on societal impacts. With this project, InnoZ will relaunch its "Platform Electric Mobility" as "Open Mobility Forum"


Ref Period: 06/2017 - 11/ 2018

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