FZI House of Living Labs

FZI House of Living Labs

At the heart of the IT region Karlsruhe, the FZI Research Center for Information Technology created the FZI House of Living Labs, a research environment on two floors and 2000 sq.m., where especially small and medium enterprises are welcome to do interdisciplinary research and development. There, researchers from FZI and partners can develop and test new applications until they are ready to launch on the market. The FZI House of Living Labs supports their applied research with the latest equipment and information and communication technologies as well as vehicles, devices and building technologies. You will find the following labs in the FZI House of Living Labs: FZI Living Lab Automotive, FZI Living Lab smartAutomation, FZI Living Lab smartEnergy, FZI Living Lab smartHome/Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), FZI Living Lab mobileIT/mobileBusiness, FZI Living Lab smartMobility, FZI Living Lab Service Robotics, FZI Living Lab smartSecurity.

Field of Innovation

  • Living
  • Mobility
  • Work and Industry
  • Health and Nutrition


  • Showroom  
  • User studies  
  • Stakeholder Networking  
  • User testing and Evaluation  

Homepage: https://www.fzi.de/forschung/fzi-house-of-living-labs/

Contact Name: Tanja Zylowski

Haid-und-Neu-Straße 5A
D-76131 Karlsruhe