eMIR - eMaritime Integrated Reference Platform

eMIR - eMaritime Integrated Reference Platform

eMIR is a German maritime industry initiative improving safety and efficiency in maritime transport, e.g. avoiding maritime accidents under consideration of environmental aspects

- eMIR provides a framework for engineering, validation, verification, and demonstration of technological
innovations as for new cooperation and process models.
- eMIR supports user integration into the design process.
- eMIR provides practical and empirical foundation for the development of international regulations and standards.
- eMIR fosters a sustainable market position for vendors of maritime safety systems and components

Providing a generic, open communication and service platform, eMIR connects industry strengths in surveillance and control technology to a smart demonstration platform. Furthermore, it allows research for better understanding of maritime systems and offers a powerful virtual and physical testbed for system/component development, verification and validation. Polymorphic, adoptable interfaces guarantee a fast configuration of demonstration environments and testbeds.

Field of Innovation

  • Mobility
  • Work and Industry


  • User studies  
  • Co-Design  
  • User testing and Evaluation  

Homepage: www.emaritime.de

Contact Name: Axel Hahn

Escherweg 2
D-26121 Oldenburg