TIPI4.0 - Test- und Integrationsplattform Industrie4.0

TIPI4.0 is a laboratory environment for the use of information technology in the context of production and manufacturing. The test field consists of the TIPI-Fab - a small production line with robots, laser cutters and 3D printers as well as means of transport - and the TIPI-Sim environment, which can be supplemented by any virtual components. In theTIPI-Fab concrete experiments can be carried out, e. g. in human-robot cooperation (co-boots), production information systems or for distributed real-time control systems. In TIPI-Sim, complex production and supply chains can be mapped and analyzed in terms of efficiency and robustness. In this way, planning and control processes can be evaluated. In the combination of TIPI-Fab and TIPI-Sim, real and virtual production capacities can be coupled or even remote production components can be integrated.

Field of Innovation

  • Work and Industry


  • Showroom  
  • User studies  
  • Business model development  
  • User testing and Evaluation  

Homepage: www.ikimuni.de

Contact Name: Frank Oppenheimer

Escherweg 2
D-26121 Oldenburg

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