Since 2009 there have been PRAXLABS as network of research and excellence in the wider area of Siegen-Wittgenstein and Dortmund, Germany. They are composed of a network of regional research, industry and application partners, and of different settings – for instance domestic environments and public places where everyday life is encountered, virtual communities or working environments. Researchers, industrial companies, public institutions and users/consumers can participate and collaborate in these settings. Applying our approach we will foster co-creation processes with users and industrial partners in real-life contexts as well as method design for areas of context understanding, idea creation, iterative design and evaluation in real world settings.

Field of Innovation

  • Living
  • Mobility
  • Work and Industry
  • Health and Nutrition


  • Showroom  
  • User studies  
  • Business model development  
  • Stakeholder Networking  
  • Co-Design  
  • User testing and Evaluation  


Contact Name: Corinna Ogonowski

Kohlbettstr. 15
D-57072 Siegen